How Are Carcinoma Tumors Treated?


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Numerous treatment options for carcinoma tumors exist, including radiation, photodynamic therapy, Mohs micrographic surgery, and curettage and electrodesiccation, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. The treatment option of choice depends on factors such as the patient’s age, the tumor size and location, and the depth of tumor penetration.

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In Mohs micrographic surgery, a physician removes a thin layer of the tissue containing the carcinoma tumor and examines it under a microscope. Tissue mapping enables the physician to only excise areas of the body that have tumors, explains the Skin Cancer Foundation. This procedure helps to save healthy tissue and has a high cure rate. Physicians employ the curettage and electrodesiccation procedure on small lesions. A physician scrapes off the growth using a sharp instrument, burns the tumor site with an electrocautery needle and repeats the procedure where necessary.

Doctors may direct X-ray radiations to eradicate tumors that are hard to manage or in patients with poor health, notes the Skin Cancer Foundation. The procedure does not involve incision, although complete cancerous cell destruction requires several treatments. In photodynamic therapy, physicians apply a light-sensitizing agent to the lesion and subsequently activate it by a strong blue light. This procedure destroys basal cell carcinomas without causing much destruction to the adjacent cells.

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