Do Carbs Make You Fat?


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Carbohydrates can make people gain weight if they eat more than they are burning. Excess carbs are turned into fat, producing more insulin that acts as a fat-storing agent.

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Insulin flows throughout the bloodstream, converting carbs into fat. The insulin disperses the fat throughout such areas as the hips, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Insulin also funnels more calories into fatty tissue, and it creates a higher amount of sugar, resulting in more fat stored. Those who eat a steady stream of carbs need a constant supply to remain active, but the body has trouble burning those fats.

Consuming less fat causes the body to burn carbs rather than storing it. The body then taps into carbs from healthy sources such as vegetates and accesses additional carbs from the body. This forces the body to lose extra weight.

Complex carbs in the form of lentils, brown rice and sweet potatoes are more filling than refined carbs. Refined foods such as chips and sweets exacerbate hunger, forcing a person to eat more. Other complex carbs to eat are bread, potatoes and pasta. At least 40 percent of a meal should consist of positive foods that are low in glycemic levels, followed by another 30 percent of protein and 30 percent healthy fats. The proper way to remain fit is to maintain muscle mass.

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