What Does Carbonated Water Do for the Body?


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According to Mayo Clinic, carbonated water does no harm to human health, despite perceptions to the contrary. Although it had widely been thought that drinking carbonated water enhanced the risk of catching osteoporosis because it hampered calcium absorption in bones, scientific evidence showed the substance to be harmless to bones. Thus, people who enjoy drinking carbonated water may continue to do so without fear of suffering adverse effects.

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What Does Carbonated Water Do for the Body?
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A study found carbonated water to have had no negative impact on bones of a group of Spanish women who drank it for two months, The Guardian reported. Another sample in Omaha took carbonated drinks, with urine samples showing no loss in calcium content. Thus, numerous studies suggest that it is almost impossible to identify a single means by which carbonated water can harm its users.

Business Insider says that carbonated water is prepared by dissolving carbon dioxide in water to form carbonic acid. The process creates bubbles, meaning that the carbonated product carries no potentially unwanted additives such as sugar, energy or caffeine. Examples of carbonated beverages include club soda, tonic water and mineral water. If all a consumer wants is carbonated water, he should check a product label for possible additives he may not wish to add into his system.

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