How Do You Find a Free Carbohydrate Counter?


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Find free carbohydrate counters at CarbsControl.com and Atkins.com. These no-cost applications include carbohydrate counters and additional features for those on low-carbohydrate diets. Download these applications on iTunes or Google Play.

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The CarbsControl app includes a carbohydrate diary and a large nutritional database with information on common household foods, restaurant foods and packaged store foods. Users can also add their own foods and recipes. CarbsControl allows people to set a carbohydrate goal per meal or per day. It is targeted towards people with diabetes and people on the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet or other low-carbohydrate plans.

The Atkins Mobile Weight Loss Tracker & Carb Counter includes a food search function for grocery items and restaurant meals, and over 1,600 Atkins recipes and products. It also has a function to track net carbohydrates based on particular Atkins phases. The app tracks the user's weight and how close the user is to reaching his or her goal. It also has recommended daily plans and the option to create a unique meal plan. Its "Dining Out Guide" helps dieters to find a restaurant with menu items within a particular carbohydrate range. Users can search for restaurants by meal type, name and location.

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