How Are Carb Counting Charts Beneficial for Use by Diabetics?


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People with diabetes may use carbohydrate counting charts to track the amount of carbohydrates being consumed each day, which allows them to adjust their meals and snacks to keep their blood sugar levels even, according to the American Diabetes Association. Physical activity and medicine also help to regulate blood sugar.

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How Are Carb Counting Charts Beneficial for Use by Diabetics?
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On average, adults with diabetes should eat three to four 15 gram servings of carbohydrates at each meal, and one or two 15 gram servings of carbohydrates for snacks, states WebMD. Using carbohydrate counting charts makes tracking carbohydrate intake easier, and allows people with diabetes to enjoy more options in their diet by monitoring sugar and starch levels in their food.

Knowing how many carbohydrates are being consumed is important because the amount of insulin needed varies depending on carbohydrate intake, notes WebMD. If a person does not eat enough carbohydrates, their blood sugar may decrease to dangerous levels. If they eat too many carbohydrates, blood sugar levels may rise excessively.

Speaking to a registered dietitian is the best way to form an individualized diet plan, states WebMD. An ideal diet for a person with diabetes involves plenty of fruits and vegetables, fish, lean meats and whole grains. It is important for people with diabetes to avoid saturated and trans fats, and to eat plenty of fiber.

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