What do you do if you cannot sleep at night?


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Individuals who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from insomnia can participate in relaxation techniques or breathing exercises to calm the mind and body, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Establishing a consistent bedtime each day and a consistent morning routine may also help train the body to sleep on schedule.

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What do you do if you cannot sleep at night?
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People who cannot fall asleep should dim the lights at least an hour before bed and schedule a 30-minute wind down period where they perform a quiet activity such as reading a book or listening to soothing music, suggests the National Sleep Foundation. Individuals should also disconnect electronic devices such as phones, tablets and computers so the light from the screen does not stimulate or alert the brain when trying to fall asleep.

Peaceful sleep requires a dark or quiet environment, explains the National Sleep Foundation. It may be helpful to install a fan near the bed or a noise machine that blocks sounds that can interrupt sleep or deter individuals from falling asleep. Avoid caffeine and alcohol near bedtime and early evening to prevent stimulating the body so much that it prevents sleep.

People who are unable to sleep after 20 minutes should get out of bed and complete a relaxing activity for a few minutes to avoid worry and restlessness that can prolong insomnia, states WebMD.

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