What Are Some Candidiasis Skin Treatment Methods?

The purpose of a candidiasis skin treatment is to ensure good skin hygiene and health, according to MedlinePlus. Antifungal skin cream may also work to treat candidiasis skin infections. A candidiasis infection is caused by a fungus on the skin and is common in the folds of the skin and moist areas, such as the armpits or groin, which are ideal for fungus growth.

Having good general health and keeping the skin dry and clean is an important step to treat candida infections on the skin, and drying powder may also help, explains MedlinePlus. For those who are overweight, losing weight can help to treat these infections, and if a person has diabetes, the infection is controllable by keeping the blood sugar under control. High blood sugar levels can cause the infection to spread. A doctor may also suggest antifungal ointment or cream to treat a candida infection of the mouth, skin or vagina. For severe infections, oral medications may be necessary.

Candida skin infections are quite treatable, but the infection often reoccurs, MedlinePlus advises. People who have this condition often experience intense itching and a red rash on the skin. The rash may spread or settle into the folds of the skin, or the hair follicles on the skin may develop a candida infection that looks like pimples. Doctors diagnose candida infections by examining the skin or scraping a sample of the skin for testing.