Who Are Candidates for a Balloon Sinuplasty?


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Patients who exhibit symptoms such as persistent sinus infections that do not improve with medications and headaches around the eyes are likely to experience relief from a balloon sinuplasty, according to Cedars-Sinai. Individuals whose sinus problems have been diagnosed early are ideal candidates for the procedure.

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Patients may benefit from a balloon sinuplasty if they experience severe bad breath, a foul taste in the mouth, severe nasal problems or trouble breathing through the nose, states Cedars-Sinai. Surgeons perform a balloon sinuplasty without making incisions or removing bone and tissue. The procedure is usually done in an outpatient setting.

After a doctor gives general anesthesia to the patient, she inserts a thin wire catheter with an attached small balloon through the nostril, explains Cedars-Sinai. Inserting a catheter allows the physician to enter the blocked sinus passageway where the balloon is enlarged, slowly opening the obstructed passageway. Once the sinus passageway is successfully opened, the physician deflates and removes the balloon. The procedure restores normal sinus drainage and function.

Balloon sinuplasty involves minimal pain, low risk of infection, less blood loss, and slight bruising or swelling, as it is a minimally invasive procedure, notes Cedars-Sinai. It is considered clinically safe and effective, and it often doesn’t require nasal packing. Patients can usually resume normal activities faster than a conventional, open sinus surgery.

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