What Is Candida Rash?


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A candida rash, or candidiasis, is an infection caused by an excess of candida, a yeast-type fungus that is naturally present on skin, explains Heathline. There are several species of the fungus, but most candida rashes are due to the species Candida albicans.

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Candidiasis usually appears as reddened or whitish skin. Some infections result in cracked skin, blisters and pustules. Warm weather, decreased immune capability, poor hygiene and tight clothing increase the risk of infection, explains Healthline.

Candidiasis is often seen on infants in the form of diaper rash, says MedlinePlus. Candida rashes are treated by keeping the rash site clean, dry and exposed to the air, if possible. Baby powder treats and prevents diaper rash, while a more serious candida infection may require medicated antifungal skin ointments.

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