What Does the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Do?


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of accredited cancer hospitals located throughout the United States, according to its website. It has a total of five hospitals with 4,900 employees, including 2,400 doctors, as of 2015. It treats more than 125 types of cancer.

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The care rendered to cancer patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is given under what it calls The Mother Standard, according its website. This is a philosophy and standard of care based on how physicians and staff might treat their own mothers should their mothers be diagnosed with cancer. The use of evidenced-based treatments and integrative therapies to strengthen the immune system are used in treatment plans with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Advanced treatment options through Cancer Treatment Centers of America include diagnostic imaging, genomic tumor assessment, surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, reports its website. These options are used on their own or in combination for targeted cancer treatment that is based on individual needs.

Integrative oncology services offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America at its various facilities include nutrition therapy, naturopathic medicine, pain management, chiropractic care and mind-body medicine, notes its website. Oncology rehabilitation is also offered, which includes massage, speech, occupation and physical therapies. A pastoral care team also provides spiritual support to patients and their families.

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