What Is the Cancer Color Ribbons Chart?

The cancer color ribbons chart is a table that shows different diseases with their symbolic colors. Additionally, the color ribbons serve as support or awareness ambassadors for their cancers, reports Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

For example, lavender represents all cancers, yellow represents bladder cancer, gray represents brain cancer, pink represents breast cancer and gold represents childhood cancer. Others include orchid for testicular cancer, peach for uterine cancer, light blue for prostate cancer, burgundy for multiple myeloma and black for melanoma. These are the only color representations acceptable internationally, says OCRF.

Some colors do not represent the cancer type but are symbolic to other details related to cancer. For example, blue symbolizes living or coping with cancer, states Awareness Ribbon Gifts. However, some of these colors also represent other features with no relation to cancer. A good example is lavender that also represents epilepsy, foster care, infantile spasms, Rett syndrome and hypokalemic periodic paralysis.

The cancer color ribbons chart also serves as a reference to other awareness products. These products vary from wristbands, jewelry, bags and slogans, among others, says OCRF. Different contributors involved in cancer charity work also use the cancer color ribbons chart to make their efforts gain popularity and attract more individuals to cancer charity work, notes OCRF.