How Is Cancer Centers of America Organized?


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a private, for-profit conglomerate operating a national five-hospital network, states the Chicago Tribune. This network includes Philadelphia's Eastern Regional Medical Center, Atlanta's Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Phoenix's Western Regional Medical Center, Chicago's Midwestern Regional Medical Center, and Tulsa's Southwestern Regional Medical Center.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America's website, CancerCenter.com, describes CTCA's approach to cancer treatment as comprehensive, with all patient care being provided under the same roof by doctors, nurses, dieticians, naturopathic oncology providers and other care managers. The CTCA treats all forms of cancer in both beginning and advanced stages, although its specialty is treating rare and aggressive types.

Unlike traditional hospitals, CTCA offers a mix of traditional medical practices and holistic approaches to design an integrative program customized to each unique patient, according to the center's website. Advanced treatment options include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging services and genetic tumor assessment. Integrative oncology services are offered to offset side effects from traditional therapies, boost energy, and support the patient's immune system. These services include nutrition therapy, naturopathic medicine, pain management, rehabilitation and spiritual support.

The Chicago Tribune states that CTCA is owned mostly by Richard Stephenson and his family. Stephenson bought Zion-Benton Hospital in 1975, first changing its name to American International Hospital and then re-branding it in 1988 as Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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