What Are the Cancer Awareness Colors?

Cancer awareness colors and ribbons include more than 30 varieties for different types of cancer. Multicolored and lavender ribbons signify all types of cancers, according to Choose Hope. Pink is for breast cancer, leukemia has orange awareness ribbons and lung cancer is signified by white ribbons.

Other colors for cancer awareness include black for melanoma, periwinkle for stomach cancer, teal for ovarian cancer and light blue for prostate cancer. Childhood cancers are denoted by gold ribbons, cervical cancer uses teal and white, and head and neck cancer is burgundy and ivory, states Choose Hope.

People who purchase awareness ribbons, t-shirts and logos should do so from official nonprofit sources to ensure the money goes toward the actual cancer charity. Patrons of cancer causes need to locate a phrase on the website that says "Proceeds go toward [XX] cancer research or the [XX] Cancer Foundation," notes Lisa Fayed of About.com. Awareness ribbons and colors are especially prominent during a particular foundation's awareness month.

For example, breast cancer awareness month is each October and features the color pink. Several fundraising efforts include changing website badges and buttons to pink and selling cupcakes made with bright pink icing, according to Pink for October and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. During October, NFL teams, coaches and game officials adorn their official uniforms and clothing with pink to raise awareness of breast cancer.