Where Can You Find Zinc-Free Denture Adhesive?


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Poligrip Zinc-free denture adhesive is available from online sellers including Amazon.com. According to Poligrip, there has recently been a shortage in stores due to difficulty getting their active ingredient, but online sellers still have availability, as of 2015.

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Many denture adhesive companies removed zinc from their active ingredients due to over-usage of the adhesive over time by some individuals. Using too much zinc can result in toxicity that causes nerve damage, according to MyPoliCare.com. In 2010, Poligrip removed all zinc from their products. The non-zinc formulas still claim to provide all-day lasting comfort and hold while sealing out 74 percent of food particles. This product, as offered by Amazon, uses no artificial flavors or colors, and includes a control tip to prevent ooze during application. Other online sellers, such as drugstore.com, offer generic variations of the Poligrip formula, including Effergrip. According to drugstore.com, Effergrip provides a strong, all-day hold, which is crucial to denture health.

In 2011, manufacturers were urged to remove zinc from their formulas, as reported by ABC News. A link was discovered in testing that there may be a relation between over-usage of zinc and nerve damage. Unfortunately, it appears the doctor performing a scientific study of four patients that suggested the link had a conflict of interest and did not bring the new information to light. According to ABC News, the doctor was a paid consultant of Proctor and Gamble, the manufacturers of Fixodent.

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