Where Can You Find an A to Z List of Diseases?


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Patients, consumers and interested parties can find an alphabetical list of diseases and conditions through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and MedicineNet.com websites. Both resources allow search strings or alphabetical browsing, as of 2015.

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Where Can You Find an A to Z List of Diseases?
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The CDC website starts users on the page for diseases and conditions that start with the letter "A." The first entry for this letter goes to information about an abdominal aortic aneurysm to avian influenza. Searching for a specific disease or class of diseases results in several articles on the CDC website. For instance, a search for parasite lands on a results page that includes a specific A-to-Z index for diseases and conditions caused by parasitic infections.

MedicineNet.com's index of diseases and conditions contains many more listings than the CDC's resource. The "A" category gets further broken down into alphabetical categories based on the second letter in each entry. For example, users can click on the "Am-An" link to be taken to all entries that start with "Am" and "An" in the database. Individuals may input a search for terms on the index or perform an advanced search to find slideshows, symptoms, news and dictionary entries.

Users for both resources click on a single-letter entry to be taken to the list of diseases and conditions that start with that particular letter. If someone clicks on the letter "R" on the CDC and MedicineNet.com websites, then that person gets shown entries for every item that begins with the letter "R," such as rubella, rosacea and raspy voice.

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