Where Can You Find X-Ray Images of Teeth?

Dr-AdrianBecker.com, OrthoNJ.com and SaugusDental.com display online X-ray images of teeth in panoramic and regular images. The online images portray and explain specific dental issues presented for correction, such as impacted teeth and a child's teeth.

BayBreezeDentristy.com displays bite-wing X-rays, which are taken from inside the mouth. The website also provides images and descriptions of varied types of dental X-rays, such as the periacapical X-ray, which shows details of one or two teeth. Occlusal X-rays typically feature almost the complete upper or lower arch of children's teeth.

Some books that contain dental X-ray images and explain methods of interpretation include "Dental Radiography: Principles and Techniques" by Joen Iannucci DDS MS and Laura Jansen Howerton RDH MS and "Dental Radiology" by Andreas Fuhrmann.