How Can a Women Tell If She Has COPD?


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A woman may have COPD if she notices symptoms such as shortness of breath, reduced airway sensitivity and a chronic cough. A woman may also experience coexisting conditions such as feelings of anxiety or depression, states Madeline Vann for Everyday Health.

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How Can a Women Tell If She Has COPD?
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If a woman has COPD, she may experience a smoker’s cough, which is a key symptom of the condition, reports Vann. She may first notice a shortness in breath following an infection caused by a cold or the flu. Additionally, she may also experience a slowdown in performing her daily activities that cannot solely be attributed to aging.

Women who suffer with COPD are more likely than men to experience an emotional impact from having the condition. Women may feel anxious because of the symptoms and the knowledge they have the condition. A woman with COPD may also experience higher anxiety levels than a man with the same condition because her shortness of breath can be worse, according to Vann. A woman can use tests at home to help identify if she has COPD. These tests include the six-minute walking test to show how well the lungs function during movement and the use of peak flow meters to keep track of breathing. A doctor can provide information on how to properly perform these tests.

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