Where Can Women and Men Connect Socially?


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Places men and women can connect socially include bars, college campuses, churches, music events and the Internet. Some more creative ideas for places to meet the opposite sex include comedy classes, science-fiction conventions, car shows and blood drives.

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When searching to connect with men or women in hopes of forming a long-term relationship, it is most effective to try meeting people during the daytime at places such as church functions and educational settings, reports Psychology Today. These settings make it easy to strike up a conversation about shared intellectual pursuits or spiritual views. Meanwhile, people looking for shorter-term relationships may have more success meeting people in night life settings, such as bars and nightclubs.

People who are tired of the standard ways to connect socially can try attending science-fiction conventions. These events invite people to connect with others over geeky interests in a nonjudgmental atmosphere, which can make for some unique and memorable conversation. Another option people often don't consider is looking for dates at blood drives or other charity events. Men and women who donate their time and resources to charities they support typically have an altruistic side, which many people see as a desirable trait in a partner.

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