How Can Women Build Extra Muscle?


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Women can build extra muscle by alternating cardio exercise and strength training, eating small snacks, lifting heavy weights, and eating nutritious foods. Protein-rich foods help with muscle building, while carbohydrates offer a boost of energy during workouts.

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Beginners should start lifting weights that are light enough for them to handle, but heavy enough to build muscle. Women can work their way up to heavier weights as they grow accustomed to them. Working the power zone (three to six reps per set) is the most effective way to build muscle. Too much cardio exercise diminishes muscle mass, so women should perform this type of exercise on days when they don't practice strength training.

Cardio is important for any workout regimen because it benefits the heart and helps tone muscles. Eating small snacks throughout the day gives women the energy they need to build muscle. High protein intake is important before lifting weights, while carbohydrate-rich foods are ideal to consume before cardio workouts. Eating a balanced diet of lean meats, fiber, green vegetables, moderate amounts of carbs and fruits help keep women who wish to build muscle healthy and full of energy. Skipping meals or going on starvation diets may harm a woman and hinder the results of strength training.

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