How Can You Do a Whole Body Cleanse?

How Can You Do a Whole Body Cleanse?

There are several ways to accomplish a whole body cleanse, including fasting, hyperthermia, oxygen therapy, exercise and a natural diet. Whole body cleanses are recommended for a variety of ailments, including headaches, nausea and fatigue. Whole body cleanses often include the temporary elimination of certain foods from the diet as well as the addition of herbal supplements, such as teas, to aid in the renewal process.

Fasting is one method of performing a whole body cleanse. It is done for a short duration. Some have recommended it be done for a maximum of three days. Fasting is said to help energize the body as it recovers from having spent energy on the process of digestion.

Hyperthermia is another word for heat therapy or sweat therapy. It relies upon the body's natural ability to sweat to remove toxins. Some benefits of heat therapy include clearing pores and enhancing the immune system.

Oxygen therapy can be administered in several ways. One way is through hydrogen peroxide therapy. An easy way to administer oxygen therapy is to engage in deep breathing exercises.

Adherence to a good exercise regime and following a natural diet are two final ways to participate in a whole body cleanse. Physical activity increases oxygen levels in the body while foods deliver nutrition to the body.