What Can I Do to Whiten My Yellow Eyes?


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Yellow eyes are generally caused by a medical condition, so treating the underlying problem is the best way to return the eyes to their usual state of whiteness, according to Healthline. Consulting an ophthalmologist is advised for patients experiencing yellow eye discoloration, notes University of Utah Health Care.

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Problems with the liver, gallbladder or pancreas are a common cause of yellow eyes, states Healthline. This yellowing is a symptom of jaundice, which occurs when a substance in the blood called bilirubin is not properly removed by the liver. The excess bilirubin builds up in the body, causing the skin and the whites of the eyes to appear yellow. Conditions that compromise liver function and may cause jaundice include hepatitis, alcohol abuse, liver infection or cancer, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Other symptoms are sometimes associated with these conditions, such as fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and weight loss.

Certain blood disorders, including thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, and infections, such as chlamydia and mononucleosis, may also cause yellow discoloration of the eyes, according to Healthline. Sometimes people believe that consuming foods high in vitamin A, such as carrots, squash and melons, leads to yellow eyes. While these foods may cause a slight yellowing of the skin, they do not affect the eyes.

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