How Can Wheezing Be Treated?


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Wheezing can be treated by taking certain medications, using an inhaler, or in certain cases, placing a breathing tube down a patient's throat, explains Mayo Clinic. Self-care treatments to ease wheezing include avoiding tobacco smoke and drinking warm liquids to loosen mucus stuck in the throat and to relax the airway. Using a humidifier or taking a steamy shower can also help relieve wheezing.

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How Can Wheezing Be Treated?
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Wheezing due to asthma can be treated by taking a corticosteroid, an asthma controller pill, a nonsedating antihistamine pill or a combination of a long-acting corticosteroid and bronchodilator, explains WebMD. These treatments can open the airways and relieve inflammation. Using a bronchodilator inhaler can expand constricted airways and is also recommended for patients who have respiratory problems. Patients with wheezing as a result of acute bronchitis often use a bronchodilator to ease the condition as the infection heals. Antibiotics are usually prescribed only when a patient has a chronic lung condition or is suspected of having a bacterial infection.

The specific treatment for wheezing depends on the underlying cause, according to Cleveland Clinic. Patients who need immediate relief are often given supplemental oxygen to help them breathe, and hospitalization may be required for those with severe breathing issues. Effective home remedies include staying in a room with moist, heated air and using a vaporizer.

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