Where Can You Find Weight Loss Tips?


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WebMD, Prevention, Health Magazine, Fitness Magazine and About.com are just a few of the resources dieters can turn to when seeking to achieve weight loss goals. Many reputable sources provide helpful weight loss tips for those who are looking to improve their health and lose unwanted pounds.

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There is a large supply of health advice and scientifically-supported material that is conveniently accessible to anyone who finds himself in need of guidance. For example, WebMD recommends adding healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables to a diet rather than restricting too many enjoyable food items, and Prevention recommends trying to eat one less bite at each meal in order to gently reduce calorie consumption.

Health Magazine recommends eating a filling snack before embarking on a night out in an effort to reduce the risk of overeating during the evening, while Fitness Magazine outlines the importance of vitamin D in the diet, stating that research supports the theory that vitamin D helps improve the efficacy of hormones which signal the body to stop eating. About.com recommends that dieters keep a food and fitness journal in order to gain insight into any unhealthy habits that may have a negative impact on weight loss.

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