Where Can You Find Weight-Loss Reviews?


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A person can find weight-loss reviews by visiting the U.S. News web site or Health. These organizations provide reviews of various diets and exercise programs that are known to assist with weight loss.

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Weight Watchers and the HMR Diet are two weight loss programs featured on the U.S. News website, of the many others listed. Programs reviewed on this site all consider different approaches, whether it is decreasing carbohydrate consumption, changing meal patterns or utilizing a points system. Ratings are provided for each of these diets along with feedback on what makes them effective. In addition, recipes are listed so that a person can begin the program right away.

Health analyzes various exercise programs and discusses the effects of compound exercise on weight loss. These workouts are supplemental to weight-loss diets, meaning their effectiveness is correlated with the associated diet. Exercises discussed include the squat to overhead press, the single-leg dumbbell row and the dolphin plank. These programs require that the person performing them to exert maximum strength, followed by a brief period of rest. It is crucial that a person undertaking this physical activity pay strict attention to the recommended diet, as the body's metabolism may not yield the desired results without sufficient nutrients.

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