Where Can You Find a Weight Chart Template?

Weight chart templates suitable for use with Microsoft Excel are available at Vertex42, according to the organization’s website. Users of Microsoft Works 7.0 and Works Suite 2003 can add weight chart templates to the two programs using a file available for download at Microsoft’s site, explains the tech giant’s Web portal.

Savetz Publishing offers free printable weight-loss charts in PDF format on its Free Printable Medical Forms website, according to the organization’s Internet portal. Printable PDF weight-loss charts are also available at the Vertex42 online portal, explains the firm’s website. The offerings from Vertex42 vary by gender and measurement system; users can download charts for either men or women and select between templates that use the U.S. customary units measurement system or those that use the metric system.

Poster boards can also be used to make weight loss charts, explains the Social Café magazine. These boards can be purchased at office supply stores. To ease the process of creating a chart, users should purchase poster boards with grid lines. The chart can be used to track progress and determine when adjustments are necessary. If one poster proves inadequate, users should create another chart. The weight loss chart should be used in conjunction with an exercise and feeding journal.