Where Can You Watch Videos of Cystoscopy Procedures?


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Cystoscopy videos are available at PreOp.com. These videos show the surgical procedure for male and female patients. The videos explain the preparation for the procedure, what to expect during the procedure and post-operative care. The Melbourne Bladder Clinic has an online video showing an actual cystoscopy.

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Where Can You Watch Videos of Cystoscopy Procedures?
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In a cystoscopy, the doctor inserts a long, narrow and well-lubricated scope through the urethra and into the bladder. The camera at the tip of the scope allows the doctor to see the inside of the bladder and look for problems. If the doctor finds stones, pincers at the end of the scope can crush them so that they can pass during normal urination. If she finds polyps or suspicious tissue, the scope removes a piece of it for biopsy.

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