Where Can Vitamin B17 Be Purchased?


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To purchase vitamin B17 legally, also known as laetrile, a patient must go to a medical doctor who is required to notify the FDA, according to CancerTutor.com. The FDA has to approve the purchase, then the doctor is allowed to buy laetrile.

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Even though the FDA claims it is legal to sell laetrile across state borders, the process allowing the sale established by the FDA essentially makes it impossible to purchase, explains Webster Kehr writing for the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. As it is illegal to purchase laetrile across state lines, the FDA, upon discovering this purchase, will contact the AMA and likely pull the doctor's license. The FDA, through its rules of selling and purchasing laetrile, has basically made it illegal in the United States.

Major vendors in Turkey and Iran sell apricot kernels, states Webster Kehr writing for the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. Apricot kernels can also be purchased online. Apricot kernels are sold in raw form, in a pill and sometimes found in liquid form. Apricot kernels are found in the middle of a peach or apricot covered by a hard shell that, when cracked open, yields a small seed/kernel resembling an almond. Apricot kernels are the best source of laetrile and are used in fighting cancer.

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