Can Videos of Childbirth Be Viewed Freely on the Web?


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Free childbirth videos are available on Lamaze.org, GivingBirthNaturally.com and BabyCenter.com. Videos of different types of birth of are available, as is extensive written information about labor, delivery and baby care, the respective websites explain.

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Can Videos of Childbirth Be Viewed Freely on the Web?
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Giving Birth Naturally offers a gallery of free childbirth videos. These highlight different birthing scenarios, including a home birth, a water birth and a standard hospital birth. Comprehensive information about natural childbirth is also available, states Giving Birth Naturally.

The free childbirth videos available on Lamaze.org break birth and delivery into six different segments, beginning with how labor begins and concluding with optimal care immediately following delivery. Videos covering other aspects of childbirth and the care of newborns are also available, says Lamaze International.

In addition to an overview of natural childbirth techniques, Baby Center offers two free childbirth videos: one showing a non-medicated birth and the other demonstrating positions to ease labor pain, the website reports.

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