Where Can You View Videos of Child Birth?


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You can view childbirth videos at BabyCenter. In the Video section of the website, select Live Birth to view videos of many different live births, including a live birth of twins, an induced live birth and a water birth. Videos are also available showing a natural live birth and a live birth with an epidural. There is also a video about giving birth via Caesarean section available on the site.

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In addition to live birth videos, BabyCenter offers videos about giving birth with a midwife and the use of a vacuum and forceps during childbirth. Videos are also available providing information about labor relaxation, positions to ease labor pain and recovering after a Caesarean section.

At GivingBirthNaturally.com, videos are available of water births and of a woman giving birth using a birthing stool. Videos of home births are also available at this site.

At Lamaze International's website, live birth videos are available in the online video library. The website also provides videos about healthy birth practices such as having continuous support, avoiding unnecessary interventions and keeping the baby with the mother after birth. In Lamaze International's video library there are also videos showing what a Lamaze class is like and explaining the benefits of breastfeeding.

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