How Can You Find the Best Vascular Surgery Doctor?


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Find an outstanding vascular surgeon by looking at the lists of top specialists compiled by U.S. News & World Report. Once a patient contacts a vascular surgeon, Cleveland Clinic recommends asking the surgeon about his expertise in a specific area.

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Additionally, before deciding on a vascular surgeon, Cleveland Clinic suggests patients ask whether the specialist is willing to try alternative methods for treating vascular disease, such as diet and lifestyle changes or nonsurgical treatment. If the vascular surgeon feels surgery is unavoidable, it is important to find out what risks or complications surgery might entail. Patients can also ask the physician what resources are available in their community as they heal from vascular medical conditions.

In searching for a good vascular surgeon, patients can also use the website VascularWeb from the Society for Vascular Surgery, which offers a free search by state of specialists who work on the venous system. It is important for both the patient and the treating physician to be on the same page in regard to treatment philosophy, risk and surgery outcome expectations. This synchronisation between doctor and patient happens best when there is excellent, open communication between both parties; patients are encouraged to keep asking important, relevant questions until they feel comfortable making a decision on a vascular surgeon.

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