Where Can You Find the VA Disability Pay Chart?


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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs publishes the Veterans Compensation Benefits Rate Tables on its official website, VA.gov, as of 2015. The website also offers information on how to read its compensation benefits rate tables and how to use the tables for individualized results.

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The compensation benefit rate table published by the VA is the most recent chart to date. It has basic rates for veterans without dependents and with dependents and for disabilities ranging from 10 to 100 percent. For example, according to the chart, a veteran who is 100 percent disabled and lives alone qualifies for disability in the amount of $2,906.83, while the same veteran living with a spouse qualifies for $3,068.90. If the veteran lives with just a child, the benefit amount is $3,015.22, while the veteran living with a spouse and a child receives $3,187.60.

Each additional child under 18 adds $80.52 to the benefit amount for 100 percent disabled veterans, while schoolchildren over age 18 add $260.13 to the amount received. Dependents do not necessarily have to be children; the chart also includes benefit amounts for veterans' parents.

Benefit amounts are significantly reduced by percentage of disability. For example, a veteran with 70 percent disability living with a spouse and child receives $1,530.71, while a veteran living alone with a 70 percent disability receives $1,334.71, according to the chart.

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