What Can You Use to Substitute for a Pull-up Bar?


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Several everyday objects can be substituted for a pull-up bar, including a door, a broom between two chairs, a table, stairs and trees, according to Nick Janvier of Fitness666. Techniques involve pulling doorknobs, grabbing edges of tables and pulling downwards on broomsticks.

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What Can You Use to Substitute for a Pull-up Bar?
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Using dumbbells to exercise the different muscle groups separately is an alternative to an all-encompassing pull-up. Nora Tobin for Shape.com in an article in the Huffington Post reveals eight separate workouts with weights that offer similar workouts to a pull-up. Tobin suggests adding these workouts to a normal routine two to three times per week. Former Navy SEAL Stew Smith of Military.com explains that playground equipment, such as monkey bars, can be used as a substitute for pull-up bars when someone is travelling away from home.

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