How Can You Use Pictures to Help Identify Skin Cancer?


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Pictures help identify skin cancer by showing people examples of what unusual or suspicious moles look like, according to Mayo Clinic. Features of a skin growth that may signify skin cancer are asymmetry, border irregularity and color changes. A diameter greater than one fourth of an inch or 6 millimeters and an evolving growth are also characteristics that may be concerning. These features are known as ABCDE.

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The Mayo Clinic website provides a guide with pictures to assist people in identifying possible skin cancer growths. One picture helps people identify symptoms of an asymmetrical growth by showing one side being darker and higher, while the other side is light and flat. Another picture shows a growth with an inconsistent surrounding area to give an example of border irregularity, shows Mayo Clinic. Pictures with multiple colors that are lighter in some areas and darker in others can help people identify color changes in their own growths. The guide also shows a mole that does not fit in any of the other ABCDE categories, so people know to look for moles that are evolving or changing.

Melanoma is a serious form of cancer, but finding it early can increase the chances of a cure, explains Mayo Clinic.

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