How Can You Use Permanent Adhesive on Dentures?


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There are a variety of denture adhesives on the market, but manufacturers do not produce them to be permanent, explains DentalCareMatters. Some individuals may refer to permanent dental procedures, such as bridges or implants, as permanent dentures, but these procedures require dental surgery and not commercial adhesives. Temporary adhesives come in a variety of forms, including creams, powders, strips and wafers, and individuals should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which vary by the brand and type of product.

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Consult with a dentist before using an adhesive to correct loose dentures, as it may be more effective for the dentist to adjust or mold new dentures, according to DentalCareMatters. When using an adhesive, apply the adhesive only once per day and in amounts that do not exceed the manufacturer recommendations. Do not wear the dentures overnight, and clean off any remaining adhesive on the dentures with warm water nightly. Only use the adhesive when necessary, as overuse can damage sensitive mouth tissues and breed unwanted bacteria and fungi.

Popular brands of cream adhesives, or denture glues, include Fixodent and Poligrip, states DentalCareMatters. Sea Bond makes wafer adhesives, and Cushion Grip provides thermoplastic adhesive. The best type of adhesive varies by the individual, so select the type of adhesive that provides the most pleasant mouth taste and feel and most secure grip.

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