How Can You Use Online Nursing Care Plans?

To use online nursing care plans, visit websites such as which offer a variety of care plans for a wide selection of conditions, including benign prostatic hypertrophy, bipolar disorder and breast cancer. Click Care Plans located at the top, and then select Example Care Plans. also features care plans for conditions such as spinal cord injuries, sickle cell anemia and substance abuse. provides assistance in creating customized care plans through its care plan builder.

On the care plan page of, choose from the list of nursing care plans, and click Nursing Care Planning. In addition to a nursing care plan, each page explains a particular condition thoroughly by elaborating its pathophysiology, etiology, clinical manifestation, treatment options and other useful information. To learn how to write a care plan, select How to Write Care Plans under Care Plans at the uppermost part of the site. offers comprehensive nursing care plans that outline and explain different diagnostic studies, nursing priorities and discharge goals. Click NCPS at the top of the site to view available care plan options. requires signing up for an account to use the care plan builder. This website allows users to enter the demographics information and problems of patients, approaches and goals, and it also lets users print their personalized care plans.