Can You Use Gelatin to Ease Joint Pain?


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While some clinical research supports the claim that gelatin helps ease joint pain related to osteoarthritis, additional evidence is necessary before rating gelatin as an effective joint pain treatment, explains WebMD. Some researchers believe the collagen in gelatin acts as the joint pain relief ingredient.

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A clinical study suggests that ingesting 10 grams of pharmaceutical-grade collagen hydrolysate daily can reduce knee or hip pain caused by osteoarthritis with minimal side effects, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Hydrolysis of pharmaceutical gelatin produces pharmaceutical-grade collagen hydrolysate.

Another clinical study that randomly assigned patients to eat a placebo or a mixture of gelatin, vitamin C and calcium supports the claim, notes WebMD. However, some believe the improvement in joint function is due to the vitamin C, not the gelatin.

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