How Can You Use a Fact Sheet to Educate a Patient?


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Patient fact sheets are printable documents used to facilitate the consumption of knowledge for patients and their understanding of physician instructions on certain conditions, varying from subjects such as how to care for a common cold to safe reproduction. Each fact sheet is tailored to each condition, according to JointCommission.org.

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In order to educate the public simply and with express guidelines, The Joint Commission has committed itself to improving patient understanding when it comes to health and safety after physician visits, inpatient and outpatient procedures, and even simple blood tests. With patient fact sheets, each patient is able to understand what areas of care they are to give themselves after their appointments with a physician. The Joint Commission demonstrates its care for public awareness by making these patient fact sheets available on JointCommission.org.

The Centers for Disease Control has a page on its website dedicated to the printing of several patient fact sheets, from subjects such as Hepatitis A, B and C, as well as HIV. In addition, several safe sex practice patient fact sheets are also readily available, according to ARHP.org. The patient fact sheets provided on ARHP.org may be distributed to patients to enhance education if proper credit is given.

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