How Can You Use an Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss?


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To lose weight by using an elliptical machine, it's necessary to work against the resistance of the pedals to get the heart rate elevated. Used correctly, an elliptical machine gives you a good cardio workout, according to Self Magazine.

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One elliptical workout for weight loss involves using the machine in intervals. Start by warming up for five minutes while keeping the resistance low. Increase the resistance for three minutes to a baseline pace. Conversation should be possible at this level of workout. Next, increase the resistance on the machine for two minutes so that the heart rate is elevated. Return to the baseline rate for three minutes before returning to the higher resistance level. Finish with a cool down of five minutes at the first, easy level.

Another workout for losing weight also goes in intervals but adds some specialized moves. Start with the same warm up. The intervals then go as follows: no hands, pulling with the hands, moving the pedals backwards while using the hands, moving the pedals forward while using the hands and pushing with the hands. The resistance should be lower when the hands are not used. Pushing with the hands should be at the highest level the exerciser can manage. Forward and backward with the pedals is somewhere in the middle in terms of resistance. This workout continues for 30 minutes in two-minute segments.

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