Can You Use Contacts After Cataract Surgery?

A person who successfully wore contact lenses prior to cataract surgery is normally able to use contacts following the procedure. A new prescription for the contact lenses is likely necessary. Hard lenses, soft lenses and extended-wear soft lenses are available for people who have undergone cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery involves removing a clouded lens and replacing it with a clear one. This procedure normally provides the patient with much clearer vision. Following the procedure, a patient may still need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, depending on the type of lens implanted during the surgery and the individual's particular vision issues. In some cases, surgeons use Lasik or other procedures to fine tune the results of the cataract surgery.

It takes time for the eye to heal after cataract surgery. Vision may be blurry for awhile as the eye heals and adjusts to working in tandem with the other eye. Once the eye has healed, the doctor can evaluate the patient for new corrective lenses.

Not everyone can use contact lenses successfully. People with dry eyes are likely to encounter problems using contact lenses, and those who are nervous or have tremors or dexterity issues may find contacts difficult to use.