How Can You Use Cabbage Soup As Part of a Cleanse?


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Cabbage soup may help promote weight loss because it is very low in calories and contains a high proportion of water. There is no specific definition for a dietary cleanse; however, if the goal of a cleanse is temporary weight loss, cabbage soup may be effective.

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The cabbage soup recipe that is used as part of the cabbage soup diet may be appropriate to incorporate into a cleanse diet, as the soup is low in sodium, fat and calories, and it therefore promotes fast weight loss. The exact nutritional value of cabbage soup varies widely by recipe. Cabbage soup recipes that incorporate oil, meat, dairy or grains may not be as effective for cleansing.

In general, a cleanse is meant to be followed for a short period of time -- usually one week or less. The cabbage soup diet is intended to be followed for seven days at a time. The cabbage soup diet and most other dietary cleanses provide insufficient calories and nutrients for the average person and are therefore only appropriate for healthy individuals who wish to temporarily lose a small amount of weight. Some cleanses claim to flush toxins out of the body; however, the efficacy of cleanse diets in this regard is not scientifically supported as of 2015.

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