Where Can You Get Treatment for Leg Muscle Cramps?


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Most instances of leg muscle cramps can be treated via self-care remedies, but in cases of frequent cramps or cramps that happen for no evident reason, a doctor should be consulted for treatment, according to WebMD. At-home treatment includes massaging, stretching, warming and icing the cramping muscle.

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Where Can You Get Treatment for Leg Muscle Cramps?
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A bath with Epsom salt is another way to treat muscle cramps, says WebMD. Preventative measures include consuming foods high in vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Keeping hydrated and following stretching procedures prior to exercising also help stave off muscle cramps. The muscle cramps usually should disappear within a few minutes of self-care attempts. Causes of muscle cramps include poor circulation, dehydration, pinched nerves and certain medications.

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