Where Can You Go for Treatment for Claudication?


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Claudication treatment begins with lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and regular exercise, according to WebMD. If lifestyle changes do not improve the symptoms of claudication, treatment is available from licensed doctors at clinics or hospitals. The types of treatment for claudication include medications, angioplasty and vascular surgery.

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Claudication is defined as pain due to a lack of blood flow, states WebMD. To treat claudication, doctors may recommend aspirin or other types of medication to reduce the chance of blood clots. Angioplasty may be used to treat more severe cases of claudication. The procedure widens arteries to improve blood flow by inserting a narrow tube through damaged blood vessels. An inflatable balloon on the end of the tube widens the artery to improve circulation. For extreme cases of claudication, doctors may require vascular surgery to replace damaged blood vessels with healthy blood vessels from another part of the body.

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