How Can You Treat Vertical Nail Ridges?


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The only way to treat nail ridges is to buff them out or hide them with nail polish that fills the ridges, according to About.com. Vertical ridges are a normal part of aging.

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Moisturizing nails with vitamin E, nail oil or olive oil may help to prevent future nail ridges, as noted by About.com. Buffing out the ridges is a possibility, but it is important not to file the ridges too much as it can damage the nail and nail bed. Buffing nail files are available at most drugstores. Battery-operated nail buffers are also available.

Many nail care brands, such as Nail Tek, OPI and Seche, sell ridge filler, as stated by About.com. This special polish helps to hide and cover the ridges, and it goes on the nail like a base coat. The result is a smooth, even surface that is perfect for polishing. In fact, many nail salons use ridge fillers when performing a manicure.

Since the health of the nails depends on a person's diet, eating a healthy diet may help to improve the overall look and feel of the nails, according to About.com. Dry, unhealthy skin and hair occurring along with nail ridges may indicate an unhealthy diet.

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