How can you treat a tooth abscess?


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Draining the abscess, carrying out a root canal, pulling the infected tooth and taking antibiotics are the four most common treatments for a tooth abscess, according to Mayo Clinic. The primary goal of treatment is to banish the infection from the body.

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How can you treat a tooth abscess?
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Draining the abscess involves making a minuscule incision in the abscess, draining the pus and washing the whole area with salt water. Performing a root canal involves drilling down into the infected tooth, pulling out the infected pulp from the center of the tooth and then draining the abscess. Filling and sealing that internal chamber and the root canals are next, followed by placing a crown on the tooth to provide ongoing strength. Those who take proper care of their teeth after this should have no more issues with that tooth, states Mayo Clinic.

If it's not possible to save the tooth, the dentist pulls it out and then drains the abscess to get the infection out of the body. If the infection has spread beyond the tooth to other teeth or the jaw as a whole, the dentist is likely to prescribe antibiotics to get rid of it. People who suffer from a compromised immune system also receive antibiotics in many cases, notes Mayo Clinic.

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