How Can You Treat a Toe Infection at Home?


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Treat fungal toe infections such as athlete's foot by regularly applying antifungal ointment or Vicks VapoRub to the infected area, explains WebMD. Rub the area with tea tree oil for a natural treatment and preventative measure.

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Another way to treat fungal infections at home is to apply snakeroot extract to the toes every three days for a month, according to Mayo Clinic. Reduce applications during the second month to twice a week, and further reduce applications to once a week during the next month. After successfully treating the fungal infection, take measures to prevent another one by practicing good foot hygiene, regularly using antifungal spray and purchasing moisture-absorbing socks.

To treat toe infection caused by an ingrown toenail, soak the affected area in warm water several times a day, and gently push the skin back from the ingrown toenail with a cotton ball dipped in olive oil, advises Healthline. If this doesn't work, consult a doctor, who is likely to dig the nail out of the skin and cut it straight. If the infection is serious, a doctor may remove the entire nail. Prevent ingrown toenails by cutting nails straight across. Toe infections caused by skin infections, abscesses under the skin, joint infections from arthritis or bone infections require professional treatment, advises WebMD.

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