How Can You Treat a Swelling Hand?


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Depending on the cause, a swelling hand can be treated with ice, elevation and compression, states WebMD. This treatment works best if the hand is sprained or received a minor injury. More serious injuries and increased swelling need to be treated by a medical professional.

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If a sprained finger causes the hand to swell, it needs to be iced and elevated first to reduce the swelling and then splinted or buddy-taped to another finger, advises WebMD. The finger should be taped in a relaxed position and then rested until the swelling goes down. If swelling occurs due to a hand or wrist injury, any jewelry needs to be removed immediately to keep it from cutting into the swollen areas. After resting and icing the area, the injured area needs to be compressed with an elastic bandage or splint at the wrist if necessary. He should also lightly massage and exercise the area and apply moist heat in conjunction with ice to the area.

If arthritis causes the swelling, joints should be iced as well as applied with heating pads or hot packs, suggests the Arthritis Foundation. Over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used as well to reduce swelling and inflammation.

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