How Can You Treat Stage 4 Emphysema?


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It is possible to treat stage 4 emphysema either through adult venous stem cell therapy or adipose cell therapy, according to the Lung Institute. Doctors may perform the venous therapy alone or in conjunction with the adipose cell therapy, depending on the condition and health history of the patient.

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Doctors utilize adult stem cells to repair damaged organs, since they can divide indefinitely without loss of the original cell, notes the Lung Institute. During treatment, a trained professional first stimulates the multiplication of stem cells using natural growth factors until they accumulate to a desired level. The doctor then extracts and washes stem cells, either from the blood or the fat tissue of a patient. He quickly returns the isolated stem cells to the patient, either intravenously or by the use of a nebulizer.

Due to their plasticity, the returned cells continually replicate and begin to repair the damaged lungs, explains the Lung Institute. Stem cells have the ability to form differentiated cells, so the returned cells only target the damaged lung tissue. Eventually, the lungs become stronger, which improves the patient’s breathing and lung function. If the patient is a smoker, he should quit smoking in order to improve life expectancy, advises WebMD.

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