How Can You Treat Shin Cramps?


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When shin cramping occurs, it is important to rest the legs and elevate the feet to minimize further impact, suggests Healthline. Wrapping the shins in compression wraps, applying ice and taking naproxen or ibuprofen also helps treat pain associated with shin cramping. A severe shin injury can take three to six months to heal, notes MedlinePlus.

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Physical activity often causes shin pain, such as the impacted created during running, states Healthline. This encourages the tissue around the shinbones to swell, causing pressure on the bones. When the supporting leg muscles are weak, the shins suffer.

Shins can crack due to aggressive running over rough terrain, especially when the runner wears inadequate running shoes that don't support the feet, ankles, calves and tendons, says Healthline. Those with flat feet or exaggerated arches should wear appropriate footwear to prevent shin damage. Some athletes or dancers sustain shin damage due to rigorous training.

With improper training techniques, people may compromise the structure of their leg muscles and cause damage to their shinbones, so proper guidance is necessary in order to use proper form. Athletes and sprinters who consistently use their leg muscles are prone to inflammation of the tissues around the shin. Healthline advises athletes to avoid intense physical activity when leg muscles are fatigued.

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