How Can You Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain When You're Pregnant?


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To treat sciatic nerve pain, pregnant women should lie on the reverse side of the pain to alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve, advises American Pregnancy Association. Lifting heavy objects and standing for long periods should be avoided.

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How Can You Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain When You're Pregnant?
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The sciatic nerve is the body’s biggest nerve, and it provides sensory and motor functions to the sole, the lower leg area and the back of the thigh, says American Pregnancy Association. Sciatic nerve pain is a serious pain that affects all areas of the legs.

Pregnant women suffer sciatic nerve pain due to the nerve pressure caused by the baby’s development, explains American Pregnancy Association. The sciatic nerve lines the area below the uterus and reaches the legs.

Sciatica often improves and disappears over time, notes WebMD. To relieve pain, it is helpful for pregnant women to avoid sitting for long periods. Applying a heating pad set on a low or medium setting for around 20 minutes every three hours is beneficial. Alternatively, women may apply single-use heat wraps. Another suggested treatment is the application of an ice pack for 15 minutes every three hours.

Raising and resting one foot on an object when experiencing pressure while standing is sometimes helpful, and swimming is recommended, states American Pregnancy Association. Doctors may prescribe acetaminophen or other medications for pain relief.

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