Can You Treat Phlebitis at Home?


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Phlebitis can be treated at home with anti-inflammatory drugs, leg compression stockings and avoiding rest, according to WebMD. If a person does not find relief from home care, there are medical treatments for phlebitis available.

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Aspirin and ibuprofen are the most common anti-inflammatory drugs to treat phlebitis at home, and they can help to relieve inflammation and pain, explains WebMD. A person should check with a doctor before using anti-inflammatory drugs. A person can also walk more in order to increase blood flow, which helps to prevent the development of blood clots.

A person may also treat phlebitis at home by using prescription leg compression stockings, claims WebMD. These are worn up to the knees or thighs, and they can help to improve the flow of blood and help to relieve the swelling and pain associated with phlebitis. A person who has phlebitis should also avoid bed rest for long periods of time as it can make symptoms worse.

For those who have phlebitis that may spread into the deep veins, a doctor usually prescribes a blood thinner, and the treatment lasts up to six months, reports WebMD. If there are signs of infection, a person may need to take antibiotics, and if the phlebitis gets into the deep veins, a person may require hospitalization.

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